Cost, Scope, Time – Prioritising Crucial Elements of Software Development

Elements of Software Development

Developing software’s consists of several constraints at several stages.  Managers need to evaluate and use each constraint efficiently according to the levels of difficulty levels for effective decision making and successful project outcomes. The ideal application for these constraints will eventually include an efficient and working software taking into account the ideal prioritization of the important elements.- the budget, scope and time.

So, how does effectively plan out the budget, scope and the schedule in order to make a project successful? We have comprehend the software development triangle which is also known as the Iron Triangle.

 Whatever project, irrespective of the size has 3 factors that rely on each other using a successful software.


We all think of time as money. Time is every minute counts. The more the time used to deliver a project, the more the money it costs.  Contrary to all this, you have to manipulate your needs by broadening the project scope as time increases or if you want to catch up on the process, you can boost the cost or minimize the number of features.


It is essential to decide the scope of the project before the start of the project as the important decisions depend on scope and if not done properly, then you can have a horrible outcome for the project. If you want to increase the scope of the project, there will be increase in time and the budget as well.


When it comes to being the project manager, you have to know how much you have to spend on a software. So, if you need a delivery model with super advanced features then you have to prepared to dish out a huge lump sum of money and spend more time. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the costs, then the scope and time will reduce as well.

Evaluation importance to look for an Answer

It is time we defined and set the estimates for the project and decide upon the best methods to create the software within a limited budget, time and scope. Nevertheless, when it comes to evaluating the need for changing the customer demands into technicalities, we have to answer a couple of important questions needed to use the needed features like for instance:

  • How long will it take to implement the needed features? 
  • How will the manpower be used taking their expertise and specialties into consideration? 
  • What is the cost taking the time and scope into consideration?
  • Will there be any sort of technical difficulties? 
  • What are the best ways of avoiding risks?

If you have your answers sorted, the technical team can be put together to create the software at the highest standards. 

Accepting the challenges and overcoming them to complete the project on time

Risks and challenges will happen even if you end up taking the most ideal measures to have a hassle free software development process. So, how does a project manager deal with these challenges without it affecting the quality?

  • Distributing work is one of the best ways of completing tasks on time and other resources. The project manager is responsible for implementing all the key resources and creating an efficient team to divide the tasks amongst the team members for utilizing time and the budget properly. 

  • The project has to be created based on its objective and scope. The managers have to keep tabs on the achievements of the objectives and work to achieve them and avoid the unnecessary costs and reduce time. 

  • Constant updates on the tasks completed and keeping the stakeholders informed

  • The managers have to keep tabs on all the risks and analyse them carefully to avoid dealing with them again in the future.

There is always a lot to do when it comes to making sure a project is successful and is completed on time. The project managers have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and a lot of challenges to face. All they can do is make sure everything is completed on time.