Generating the leads you need on LinkedIn to seal the deal

There are a million social media platforms that are constantly being used these days to generate leads like for instance- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to name a few and then  of course, there is Linked In.  To be honest, i am not too big a fan of LinkedIn but then when i created my profile on it, I realized that i could use it to generate high quality leads. And you know what, it gave me what i was looking for.

LinkedIn can be your gold mine if you are looking to sell products or services to various businesses.  There are a couple of steps that i know people have been using and have been quite successful in attracting high quality leads on a consistent basis.

Boost your profile to attract connections

LinkedIn has become quite “funky” of late.  All you have to do is optimize your profile as you have to make yourself stand out in the crowd and arouse enough interest to get a connection request. You shouldn’t simply send out messages or connection requests. It wouldn’t work and will simply make you desperate.

The aim is to make your profile look professional. It has to invite connections. You know, there are two things that worked really for me. You should write a non-traditional title. If I took the normal, mundane route like the rest of the world, my title would read, for instance: Founder and CEO, Souls and Souls.

You have to be better than the rest. You need to create a title that will grad a person’s attention within minutes. For instance, I currently marketing a 60 day program for realtors created to aid them attract more buyer clients.

View profiles of your suitable potential clients

LinkedIn gives an individual such as yourself the confidence of looking for profiles using several filters.  So, when it comes to looking for profiles, all you need to do is click on ‘advanced’ and then simply narrow the results down, start with the keywords, title, location and industry. I simply search for second connections and then use specific filters till I get the specific targeted list of a million prospects.

Ok, so for my present realtor campaign, I have decided to target several new places every day and putting “realtor” in the title space and then “real estate” in the keyword space. After I have done that, I simply explore and read the profiles of all the potential leads. This will give them a notification that their profile has been seen. If in case my targeted title grabs their attention, then I can safely say that i have received a connection request. 

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Make a non-promotional first contact

Most people go wrong over here. They are under the misconception that their first communication should be a sales pitch. It shouldn’t be their first one. They will probably head for disaster. There are a million linked users, i am sure who are hammered with pitches and flowery advertisements all day long. Like i mentioned earlier, you have to stand out in the crowd with your very first pitch.

You have to give them a quick introduction thanking them for their connection request. I have always as a rule, used my first communication as an invite to connect with me on various social media channels.

Keep the conversation going-think long-term

This is a method that will get messages from various prospects who are curious simply by reading the description of the title contrary to those who liked your non-aggressive initial message.  There is something that i have noticed of late, there are so many messages i get from people asking me all kinds of marketing questions.

I take time answering questions and give them the best possible answer. I am one those people who thinks about long-term goals and doesn’t believe in going the simple way for a pitch. There will be several messages exchanged before i can even mention the program i offer.  If you can offer value in advance, then the prospect will be more open to listening to you have to say and consider what you have to offer them simply since you took the time to give before you ask. 

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Take the conversation beyond LinkedIn

Once you make your offer and put in on the table, you will be eager to take the conversation beyond LinkedIn. You will definitely see a huge success rate speaking over the phone or through regular email.  LinkedIn is and will always be great for the first introduction and building a level of trust, but it is not a place to seal a deal. You have to make an appointment to speak on the phone and stick to it for further communication.

Social media is one of the biggest things these days for a lot of things. It has taken the world by storm, which is actually unbelievable. Who would have ever thought that something like LinkedIn can generate leads for a business? Fantastic isn’t it? I am guessing you are eager to try it out for yourself.  Go ahead, give it a try and see the wonders it can do for you.


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