Hybrid Apps Development: Making The Right Move

When it comes to an early stage start-up, you will automatically understand and how make use of the most limited resources at hand. Right making use of every marketing strategy to challenging the pace of a small development team, you will have to execute efficiently to make sure your company’s future.  You know, in this day and age, everything is digital. There is no denying it. An ordinary man or a businessman for that matter cannot function without technology.

With the above mentioned. Hybrid app development is attractive. You want to know why it stands out of the crowd. What makes it so special? Well, it enables people like you and me to design and create Apple and Android applications at the same time contrary to writing the codes twice using separate platform’s native language.

The end result is two different apps for half the work which is the sort of efficiency a start-up company craves for in the very beginning. The easiness or other the smoothness of hybrid development is that it is the driving factor that decides how to operate it when it begins to operating the Android version of the first app, Prep4GMAT.

Give an answer as to what your app can do-now and in the future

The technological need of the app should make the decision about what development strategy you should adopt. The app functionality need unique and different kinds of communication or extraction of data, use of the platforms tools like GPS, camera or communication chips and UI/UX, you need to create a native.

If in case the platform tools are not used properly, the hybrid development should offer things you require within the added advantage of speed and efficiency. Of course, there is always a challenge in predicting the technical abilities of the app which it will need in the future.  We often misjudge the limitation faced with the development as we tend to add several advanced features to the app. When the hybrid began to work perfectly well, we started hitting the technological walls and the QA came to a standing halt, which needed us to go a step back.

You can never predict the accuracy with which you will need the app to function in the future, evaluates the present and future technical needs to the best of your talent.

Why choose a hybrid application?

This specific app is an independent platform which minimizes the development time as a single code base works on several kinds of platforms like iOS, Android and windows. You don’t need various skill sets for a range of platforms. A web developer who knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript can create a hybrid application for a range of platforms. 

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The hybrid apps use features like notifications and reminder tools like Cordova and Phone Gap. The app supports offline capabilities with local storage and SQLlite database. We once selected a hybrid application over several other approaches and the first question that came to mind was what framework or library can we use for hybrid app development? There are so many frameworks like React Native, Ionic Framework, Cordova and Xamarin. We chose Ionic.

When it comes to using such an app development, you won’t regret it. There will be challenges to face but in the end, the work will be done within a couple of seconds.


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