PHP Framework to Build Fast and Secure Web Application

PHP is one of the most well known web programming languages on the internet and is behind 80% websites or web applications on the web. PHP earned its success due to its specification to help modern web development. The PHP adoption rate is high due to its flexibility, server-side programming and simplicity in learning and smooth capabilities with other languages.

Why do PHP developers need a framework?

Unfortunately, the convenience of PHP has resulted into lean, haphazard and unstructured code. The development of the PHP developers has proven to be quite difficult, time-consuming and expensive. 

To resolve such issues, the PHP developers have introduced decent framework to offer creative technologies, useful tools, code architecture and methodologies to make the life of all the PHP programmers and designers easier. 

There are a couple of PHP framework advantages that include

I think all of us have understood the importance of PHP framework in the web development project. So how we have to ask ourselves why it is so important for client to know what PHP web development framework is and how does it help.

Rapid Development:

PHP framework speeds up the complete development process via structured coding and tools to not repeat coding for generic components and modules. PHP programmers use generic components constantly in various projects by single development efforts.


PHP frameworks have created a unified structural foundation and so it provides scalability and stability. The framework deals with high development standards, keeps the code in line and increases maintainability. 


PHP framework has a couple of out of the box features and tools to support the newest security technologies and integration of software. 

Some of the PHP frameworks follow MVC paradigms by segregating the application logic or programming. It helps the designers and programmers to work together on the same project without any problems. Such collaborations make the development process faster with quick iteration and improvements.

It offers room for application to grow and evolve in the future without any problems for any sort of coding compliance's in the future.

Support Modern Programming: The present web development practices include object oriented programming and some of the biggest frameworks support it.

I think all of us have understood the importance of PHP framework in the web development project. So how we have to ask ourselves why it is so important for client to know what PHP web development framework is and how does it help. 

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Symfony PHP Framework

This is one of the well known PHP framework is not for the light-hearted. It can be difficult when looking at it for the first time with several features of Models, Entities, Routing, Controllers and so many more. Contrary to this, if you are one of those people who has a lot of knowledge when it comes to PHP and HTM, you will have a monstrous web application with a help of this specific friend. The Symfony is an open Github project and millions of developer’s workers hard to improve its code lines over the years.

Symfony 2 is created from several reusable PHP components that can be installed easily on several platforms and is known for being stable and flexible.

Phalcon PHP Framework

If you want to increase the speed of the website, you can depend on PhalconPHP. It is a framework written in C and is one of the quickest PHP frameworks in the market. Don’t avoid Phalcon since it is a PHP C-extension. The framework offers updated features like routing, view templates, caching and ORM, controllers and query language. 

Phalcon is a step ahead of the game with its low overhead that cuts the consumption down like no other traditional framework, provides dependency injection and advanced routing power. It is a perfect fit for the experts and freshers as well as it is every easy to learn how to use.

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Laravel PHP Framework

With a simple Google trend jpb, you can look at it with your own eyes that Laravel is one of the most popular framework in 2016. It doesn’t come as a surprise. It is a masterpiece for which every great developer who contributes to its MIT license.

It is the simplest framework to learn as the script is simple to use and is not at all complicated. One of the most powerful features of the framework is that it has its own personal templating engine called the Blade that creates no performance overheads on the website. Did you know it is a time saving tool as well called the composer? Well, it is a fact. You can integrate the third party packages onto the website.  Laravel like a large group at its foundation and you can easily find several tests to start off with.

Yii PHP Framework

It is a script needed for professional APIs and web development. It is yet another simple and easy framework to use. You should take advantage of its open source status and enjoy it. Your development work will be smooth and thanks to its scripting language,PHP5. The framework doesn’t lack the requirements of any professional websites like CMS and CRM.

Yii does the perfect job when it comes to safety through complete maintenance and makes sures the developers a maintainable and proper result. The Gii and Yii is an ideal code generator which is web based.  

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When it comes to doing work, PHP developers have to choose from the best and make sure everything is done properly. By the end of it, we know that these are some of the best frameworks to build a PHP web application.